2012. március 4., vasárnap

Homework - "To realize your potential, dare to be different"

Article summary:

In this article you can read about how you can be succesful in life. Rich Horwath (the editor) claims that in order to realize our full potential, we must embrace the style that makes us unique. Success goes to those who are willing to be different in ways that bring value to others. He mentioned that e
veryone has a unique style built on differences in background, abilities, temperament, and so forth. The difficult thing is uncovering and living that unique style. He also mentioned that strategy is inherently about doing different things than the competition or doing the same things in different ways than the competition. It's not about being better, it's about being different.

The editor shows us two examples about two people who dared to be different.
1. Damien Hirst a Britis artist created a series of artworks in which dead animals are preserved 
in formaldehyde. His artwork caused a great debate on what is or is not art. Hirst's different artistic activity has propelled him to become reportedly Britain's richest living artist
Grant Achatz an award-winning chef has taken the common activity of cooking and is transforming it in different ways. His latest restaurant, Next, erves four menus per year, from great moments in culinary history or the future. Achatz has taken the common activity of running a restaurant and is constantly finding new ways to do it differently.

Five questions to help me discover my differentiation:

1. What are the activities I perform that are truly different from those others perform?
My special skill is drawing. 

2. What are the similar activities  I perform in different ways than others do?I learned drawing in an autodidact way. So I think I have a unique style in it.

3. What characteristics or traits do I have that are unique to me?I' m tolerant. While growing up, I was taught to respect everyone. My parents told me give respect to all those I met, no matter what race, religion, skin color, appearance person was. I was to treat everyone with the same attitude equally. In my mind, I feel that world tolerance is the only path toward true peace among all nations. I'm creative too, and I like doing things with my hands, because it makes me happy.

4. What resources do I have that are different from those of others?
I don't know. :/

5. What is the primary differentiated value I bring to people in my life?
I'm an extremely cheerful person. I laugh easily, and I can make other people laugh as well. 

2012. február 15., szerda

Homework - Movie review and criticism

I'm not a professional in the cinema field, I'm not a critic. I'm just an average person who likes movies and this is definitely a movie not to miss. P.S. I Love You has become my favorite of all. I have seen it a number of times and could watch it hundreds more. It's an American drama directed by Richard LaGravenese. It was released in 2007. The story is about Holly(Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler), who are a married couple. They are deeply in love. Gerry dies suddenly of a brain tumor. Holly takes his death extremely hard and shuts herself off from her friends and the rest of the world. However, a short time after his funeral Holly starts to receive letters from Gerry that he had written before he died. The first message arrives on Holly's 30th birthday in the form of cake, and to her utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to tell her to get out and "celebrate herself". In the weeks and months that follow, more letters are delivered in surprising ways, each sending her on a new adventure and each signing off in the same way "P.S. I love you". Her mother and her best friends begin to worry that Gerry's letters are keeping Holly tied to the past, but in fact, each letter is pushing her further into a new future. So all these letters, whose purpose is to assist in helping Holly, deal with her grieving and ultimately release her so that she can get on living her life. It's a type of movie where you are laughing through your tears. I think the entire story is original, there really isn't any other movie like this. I think the reason why this film is so enjoyable is one minute you're in tears because of what is happening, and while you are still sniffing and wiping your eyes, suddenly something  funny happens and you are laughing. There are many good scenes in the film, but I would like two show you two of my favorites. In the first video you can see Gerry joking with the strip tease dance. The second one is a scene in which Gerry singing "Galway Girl" to Holly in the pub.

2012. február 11., szombat

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know this video is awesome, and I can't tell you how many times I have seen it. I found Boyce Avenue on Youtube about a year ago. This was the first cover I have seen from them. I fall in love with Alejandro Manzano's voice. They make such a great covers. I think most of them are better than the original. If you like this video, please check them on their Youtube channel. :D

2012. február 10., péntek

In this picture you can see my cat. Her name is Muffin. When this photo was taken, she was about one month old. She is playing with her favorite toy.

2012. február 9., csütörtök

"People are like snowflakes: they looks like the same far from it, but if you check them closer, they’re all special."